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About Sippchoice.

The Sippchoice Bespoke SIPP administration is carried out by experienced Consultants and Administrators, all of whom share our total commitment to providing SIPP members and their advisers with the best possible SIPP service.

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Details of the Sippchoice Bespoke SIPP are featured elsewhere in this website.  We are committed to ensuring this SIPP meets the highest possible standards through:

  • robust procedures

  • bespoke administration system

  • dedicated people.

Our Procedures

Detailed and effective procedures are the essential foundation of a successful SIPP operation and we have invested an enormous amount of time and effort in developing our procedures and training our staff on their effective use.  This means that we all know what we’re meant to be doing - in every circumstance.

We’ve built into these procedures - from the ground up - all the following prerequisites of a top-quality SIPP service:

  • Simplicity: we keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

  • Comprehensive: we make sure that our procedures fully cover everything that needs to be dealt with.

  • Reliability and security: we have built reliability and security into all our procedures.

  • Flexibility: we recognise that our financial advisers and SIPP members are individuals with their own requirements, so we provide as much flexibility as possible in our procedures.

  • Speed: we know that prompt responses are key, so we have built tight, but realistic, timescales into all our procedures.

  • Personal service: we have designed all our procedures to ensure that we can deliver a top quality service in an efficient yet friendly and personal manner.

Our Administration System

SIPP administration can be something of an iceberg, in that most of the action takes place below the surface.  Although you may not see most of what we do, our bespoke SIPP administration system is effective and efficient, working in the background to help us deliver the level of service that you require.

Our People

Our dedicated and experienced staff interact with our financial advisers and our SIPP members.

All our senior personnel have considerable experience of the SIPP marketplace and of working together.  They are all totally dedicated to providing the best possible service.

Our team will give you access to all the SIPP expertise, technical support and personal service you may need.

Our Company Structure

Dentons Pension Management Limited (Dentons) is the Provider and Administrator of the Sippchoice Bespoke SIPP. Dentons does not give any investment or other advice and, if required, individuals should seek advice about our SIPP from their financial adviser. Dentons has been delivering self invested pension expertise since 1979 and acquired Sippchoice Bespoke SIPP in January 2018.

Dentons Pension Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference 461094